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To serve and engage the Muslim community by promoting the sublime and timeless values of traditional and classical Islam to advocate a cohesive harmony within a multicultural environment .Pillars of Guidance Community Centre (PGCC) plans to run a range of services, which will benefit thousands of people using the facilities.

PGCC strives to provide Muslim communities in the greater South East Melbourne region with spiritual and moral guidance, answering critical religious, cultural and social questions.We work to promote understanding and friendship between Muslims, as well as those of other faiths, in order to foster awareness and encourage proper Muslim conduct.

PGCC provides classes workshops and hosts public events for Muslims and our wider community. Our goals include working to enlighten Muslims and the Australian public with true knowledge about Islam, its ideology, philosophy, and culture.


our organisation aims to serve & engage the Muslim community in the South East of Melbourne.


PGCC runs a range of education programs for both beginners and advanced learners. Programs include evening lectures, an Aalim course and the Children's Makhtab.

Sadaqa Jariya

By supporting the community, you are investing to teach, grow and develop the wider community for generations to come.

Family Values

PGCC welcomes all and values supporting each and everyone of us in the community. PGCC intends to build a cohesive community through family like bonds.

Our Vision

The PGCC vision is one that we want all communities to emulate and strive for. By uniting our communities and building educated members, PGCCs intends to show strength through unity.

Festivals and Events

In line with PGCC's focus on community bonding, PGCC facilitates a range of events allowing you to run stalls, volunteer, show your talents and get involved!


PGCC provides a state of the art dining facility catering for casual dinings, group bookings, full fledged events and more!

Ask Mufti

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PGCC runs a range of services

Which benefit thousands of people using the facilities within a multicultural environment ..


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